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‘Equal Care Day’ is a new community initiative which calls on European institutions to mark a European Equal Care Day. Launched originally on 29th February 2016, Equal Care Day aims to raise awareness of how caring and carers are undervalued in our society. Like the equal pay gap, there is an equal care gap with an unfair distribution of caring responsibilities between men and women.

Almut Schnerring and Sascha Verlan originally launched Equal Care Day, and it is now organised by the non-profit association ‘klische*esc e.V’ based in Bonn, Germany.

Care work is mostly invisible work, often ignored, just like the leap day 29th February. Therefore ‘Equal Care Day’ is to be held on the on 29th of February in leap years, or, by necessity, on 1st March in all other years. Equal Care Day increases awareness of how much longer men need to care than women - to contribute the same amount of care work - 80% of care is done by women (whether at home, as voluntary work or as a profession).

Raising and educating the children, the care of the sick, the elderly, people with disabilities, the 'mental load'*… Who cares? Who does the cooking, the shopping, the laundry, the wiping of bottoms? Who cleans and nurses – who takes care and - at what price?!

This systematic imbalance is all too often and still blamed on women as a personal decision. The imbalance of distribution of care would lie in the nature of things, motherly love and empathy are put into the cradle of girls, right? But why does the blurred view into the Stone Age justify the lack of appreciation of this work? And why does this narrative suffice to financially disadvantage caring people throughout their lives?

'Equal Care Day’ demands fair pay of professional care work and fair distribution of care and the dismantling of structural discrimination.

The initiative offers everyone, and above all organisations involved in care and gender equality, the chance to be actively involved and to discuss solutions with all participants.

Help us to keep the topic ‘‚care’ permanently in the public consciousness by using this day of action, 29th February for your own projects, conferences, events and networking! At your place of work or at home, together with your company, with an organisation or even with your family and friends.

The association klische*esc e.V. is offering the name ‘Equal Care Day’ and its logo (download) to unite all events on the 29th of February 2020. It will co-ordinate the German press and public relations work and would love people and organisations from other countries to get involved.


*For the definition of ‘metal load’ pls have a look at ‘You should‘ve asked’ from the french comic artist Emma.



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